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About Insight Education Systems

Insight Education Systems provides leadership, diversity & inclusion consulting services for businesses at all stages of diversity development. We are proud to be known as best-in-class when it comes to mitigating Unconscious Bias in the workplace.

Our consulting services and groundbreaking seminars about Unconscious Bias and Implicit Bias have assisted corporate clients in developing actionable approaches that drive rapid organizational change. They have been delivered to over 300 companies, across 35 countries, globally.

Our mission is to identify and address the inextricable link between workplace inclusion and effective leadership. Our programs provide insight and direction on how to send messages that unlock the performance of all those within a leader’s sphere of influence.

Being smarter about Unconscious Bias isn’t good enough. People must become motivated and skilled.

What distinguishes our work from traditional Unconscious Bias Training is, unlike traditional approaches that focus primarily on concept and awareness, our program focuses entirely on actionable solutions to actively manage unconscious bias in the workplace?actions that result in measurable culture and behavior change.

Insight Education’s flagship product, MicroInequities: Managing Unconscious Bias™ gets to the DNA of culture change and has become the new paradigm for diversity & inclusion. The essence of the program is to reach beyond Unconscious Bias to the ‘action side’ of the equation – identifying the power that MicroMessages have on leadership effectiveness, employee performance and customer retention & loyalty.

Our products provide tangible, instantly applicable skills and tools for businesses who seek to move beyond traditional diversity and leadership training and to break through to operationalize behaviors that dramatically improve corporate culture and drive high performance at all levels of business, hard-wired to the bottom-line.


Proven Results

More than a decade of proven results for Fortune 500 companies across the U.S., Asia, Europe, Latin America and South Africa.

Flexible Programs

Flexibility to customize our programs to provide seamless alignment to your Leadership and Inclusion objectives.

Clarity & Focus

Designed for action and results. Participants convert content to action immediately upon leaving the session. Not your traditional warm & fuzzy approach to training.

Stephen Young

Senior Partner

3page_img2Stephen Young is the Senior Partner of Insight Education Systems, a management consulting firm
specializing in leadership and organizational development services. As a recognized leader and foremost expert in this field, Mr. Young frequently consults with senior executives and management teams of Fortune 500 companies.

For more than a decade, Steve has been a featured speaker at business conferences worldwide.


Barbara Hockfield

Managing Director

Barb2C2GREEN3Barbara Hockfield is Managing Director of Insight Education Systems, a management consulting firm specializing in leadership and organizational development services. Barbara Hockfield has been a strategic communications advisor to many Fortune 100 firms. Her unique ability to achieve marketing results for her clients through a blending of creative and business strategies has yielded more than sixty coveted awards for outstanding innovation in strategic design and marketing effectiveness.


George Robinson

Executive Consultant

georgeGeorge F. Robinson is an Executive Consultant with Insight Education Systems, the leadership, diversity, and organizational development consulting company which developed MicroInequities: The Power of Small™ with MIT’s Dr. Mary Rowe.

George has worked with companies such as Boeing, Cisco, Monsanto, Merck, and Coca-Cola.


Heidi Sparkes Guber

Master Trainer

Heidi Sparkes Guber adjMaster trainer and program consultant for Insight Education Systems, Heidi Guber has over 30 years of experience bringing learning-based performance and strategic leadership to a wide variety of private, public and governmental organizations in the US, Europe, South America and Asia.  Her clients have included executives and senior managers at Ford Motor Company, Nissan, UCB Pharma, Cisco, DTE, NSA, and most recently Living Cities, a consortium of the top 22 US banks and foundations.


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