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Music Speaks Volumes

Music is a universal medium of communication. Long acknowledged as a universal language, it reaches across borders and cultures, uniquely serving as a conduit for human expression and dialogue.

For modern-day culture, music can break down common barriers of communication.

The Creating Connections program leverages this cornerstone of human connection and uses it to build solutions that foster inclusion in the workplace.

Creating Connections
For decades, we’ve have heard “look for things you have in common with others” as a way to build engagement and inclusion. This practice, however, can result in impeding the goal we pursue and, instead, nurture exclusion.

If finding things in common has value, then this would suggest that the more we have in common implies a deeper connection. Conversely, those with whom we have less in common might suggest they should receive less of our engagement.

The Creating Connections program challenges this approach and instead looks for differences as a means to build our awareness, knowledge and competency. It enables work teams to maximize the advantage of diversity of thought in problem-solving and work across cultures more effectively.

The program is designed to fuel workplace inclusion with a focus on fostering innovation. The course focuses on; diversity of thought, work style, communication methods, and performance recognition, to enable teams to maximize the advantage of a diverse workforce.

The program leverages the universal language of music as the single most powerful medium of communication that transcends cultures and builds connection.

Disharmony and discrimination, based on cultural differences, have existed throughout history typically rooted in political, social and religious differences. Music and the cultural arts seamlessly connect us where diplomacy and logic have failed.

Creating Connections bridges the gap. It examines how labeling and differences cause exclusion—even where great diversity exists. It accelerates the process of building genuine inclusion behaviors among colleagues in the workplace.

Breaking Down the Barrier of Communication
Insight Education Systems has developed a series of Diversity & Inclusion workplace exercises and tools specifically designed to help businesses build a more inclusive work environment, using the interdisciplinary arts as its springboard.

A key group exercise utilizes the music video, “Something’s Coming”.

Humankind shares a common goal to preserve our planet and its resources. The video highlights the very real global threat to our survival as a result of both natural and human-triggered disasters. These threats affect everyone, everywhere, regardless of race, gender, nationality or other differences.

The video is not designed to present or propose solutions for the world conditions, but rather, acts as a springboard for group discussion. At its close, the video repeatedly poses the question; “Can we take it back?” In other words, how can we collaborate and alter our behavior to affect positive change?

A vigorous exploration of diversity and inclusion, its value and inextricable link to problem solving and innovation in the workplace, follows. Participants leave the session with a clear understanding of the advantage of diversity of thought and the immediate ability to build this strength, upon returning to the workplace.

Creating Connection Learning Modules:

“Something’ Coming” – Global Solutions

“Government Name” – The Unique Behavior of Cultures

“Heart Stop” – Bringing Inclusive Behavior to Life

“Banjo” – Driving Toward Your Comfort Zone


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