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MicroInequities: Managing Unconscious Bias™ Webinar

With Stephen Young

Many leaders have come to recognize that the most important skills of leadership go well beyond the obvious operational, technical or intellectual skills. Research, first conducted at MIT, has revealed the power “MicroMessages” have on establishing the ways we achieve loyalty, engagement and directly influence the performance of colleagues and direct reports. Our lack of awareness of this higher level skill often leaves us asleep in the fire.

Leave the warm and fuzzy behind and embrace the power MicroMessages have on the hard-wired link to performance. MicroMessages represent the foundation of inclusion and override our conscious thinking and best intentions. Leadership goals can never be realized without this competency being incorporated into an overall strategy.

Experience the Webinar and discover why more than 20% of the Fortune 500 and nearly 300 corporations in 35 countries have embraced this method as a central platform for management development and leadership effectiveness.



MicroMessaging: Why Great Leadership Is Beyond Words

By Stephen Young

Based on research from MIT, Stephen Young’s best-selling book has already helped numerous Fortune 500 companies to increase leadership effectiveness. With its proven wisdom, you can experience what so many business executives worldwide have embraced and make it a powerful part of your leadership skill set.

Discover the powerful effects MicroInequities have in establishing the ways we influence performance. These subtle manifestations of unconscious bias reveal far more about the true nature of a relationship than our words alone and become the mechanism by which we manage our unconscious bias.

To truly move the needle forward, we must focus on managing the controllable elements that alter the impact of our unconscious biases; the MicroMessages, MicroInequities and MicroAdvantages we send.

MicroMessaging: Why Great Leadership Is Beyond Words reveals techniques that truly move the need forward in the quest for a truly inclusive workplace.


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