MicroInequities PART 2: Sustaining The Impact™

Master The Three Pillars Of MicroMessages: Awareness, Skill & Application

MicroInequities PART 2: Sustaining The Impact™

Participants of the MicroInequities: Managing Unconscious Bias™ seminar leave the experience with a new understanding of the influence subtle messages have on the performance of others. The material covered, however, is broad and much of the impact remains in the awareness and Level 1 stage of application.

MicroInequities PART 2: Sustaining the Impact takes participants from awareness to active application of the program’s skills. In this session, participants learn an in-depth application of the tools and how to apply them for long-term use.

Some examples include; instructing managers to incorporate MicroMessaging in the ways they do coaching, provide feedback and write performance appraisals. MicroInequities Part 2 also covers the way in which the concepts are applied in team meetings and goal setting.

The session incorporates analysis of case study scenarios. In addition, participants bring work place experiences and examples and are guided through hands-on practice, within the company’s specific business culture, for meaningful practical progress. The result is that participants master the essential three pillars of micro-messages; Awareness, Skill and Application.

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