MicroInequities: Managing Unconscious Bias™

The Definitive Link Between Diversity and Effective Leadership

MicroInequities: Managing Unconscious Bias™

The MicroInequities: Managing Unconscious Bias™ program establishes the definitive link between diversity and its influence on leadership effectiveness.

The core definition of effective leadership is the ability to inspire and motivate others to perform to their potential. The only way this can be done is through the messages we send but it is not as important what we say as what is interpreted by the receiver that drives commitment, loyalty and performance.

Our MicroInequities: Managing Unconscious Bias™ program focuses on how we send these messages across businesses, borders and cultures. It instructs participants how to drive rapid behavior change, incorporate this skill into the realm of routine management, and measurably raise business leadership and diversity performance.

The MicroInequities Program has been delivered in 35 countries across a wide spectrum of industries, in virtually every region of the world. Attendees have ranged from CEOs and their leadership teams to hourly workers.

Results are consistent at every level within an organization and received a multitude of accolades from the press including TIME Magazine’s full-page feature in its annual “What’s Next” issue, Harvard Business Review’s Management Newsletter, and by Oprah Winfrey in multiple issues of “O” Magazine to name a few.

Participation in the MicroInequities Program has a unique outcome. Participants report returning to work with the immediate ability to apply the skills and techniques learned in the program and a clear understanding of the business case for diversity; resulting in immediate improvement in the quality and productivity of daily interactions in the workplace.

Leadership Impact

A cornerstone of the MicroInequities Programs is to establish the role every employee has as a leader in the organization. A major obstacle to effective leadership is the misdirected focus on the “prescribed” execution of tasks. Often unknowingly, we execute the prescribed tasks well, yet some recipients of these messages are left on the outside of workplace and social networks, affecting their commitment and performance.

This program redirects leaders at all levels to focus less on the prescribed task and more on the subtle, often unwittingly delivered MicroMessages that inform others where they fit-in and how through these messages we drive commitment and performance.

The performance of every employee, at every level, hinges directly on these leadership messages. The MicroInequities Program provides insight and direction on how to send messages that unlock the performance of all those within a leader’s, or colleague’s, sphere of influence.

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