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Our Unconscious Bias and Implicit Bias training programs have been embraced globally by 20% of the Fortune 500, across 300 companies in 35 countries, in every world region.

All of our Products and Services focus on aligning the fundamentals of great leadership with its inextricable link to inclusion, motivating individuals to perform to their fullest potential.

Our Premier Products:

Managing unconscious bias in the workplace... READ MORE

Our flagship product, MicroInequities: The Power of Small™ focuses on the ways to manage unconscious bias in the workplace. It uncovers the DNA of inclusion and ways to generate acceptance of behavior change that alters employee performance.

A central thread in the fabric of great leadership is the ability to inspire the performance of others across all diversity dimensions. This is most effectively accomplished through the micromessages we send. These MicroMessages, often MicroInequities, are the sole manifestation of Unconscious Bias.

The program focuses on the hidden barriers to performance. These are the subtle, usually unconscious, MicroMessages we all send that can devalue, discourage and ultimately impair performance at all levels of an organization.

It reaches beyond merely identifying what MicroInequties are and how they occur in the workplace. This highly interactive seminar has participants feeling, first-hand, the impact MicroInequities have on them during the session. It takes participants beyond an intellectual understanding of unconscious bias. Their experience rises to the level of creating genuine buy-in and understanding of the impact subtle messages have on altering the performance of others.

Our program reveals the effects of MicroMessages on performance and delivers critical concepts and skills that carry over instantly when participants return to the workplace.


  • Half-day Live Seminar
  • eLearning
  • Webinar
Active application of MicroInequities concepts and skills... READ MORE

Takes a deeper dive into active application of concepts and skills of MicroInequities: The Power of Small™. Moves from awareness to active application within context of a company’s unique business culture.

Participants explore in-depth application of the Action Tools and how to apply them for long-term impact and use.

Objectives include: instructing managers to incorporate the skills of MicroMessaging into coaching, feedback, writing performance team meetings and goal setting. This session also includes an action plan for addressing MicroMessages when participants return to the workplace.


  • 3-hour Live Seminar
Skills to maximize engagement in virtual meetings... READ MORE

This program addresses the challenge and cause for the disparity of participation levels between co-located and remote meeting participants. It is universally acknowledged that participants who are physically together in a meeting room participate at a higher level than those who participate virtually.

This challenge of virtual team communication is the direct result of the absence of MicroMessages that cue interaction for those without visual access to the other meeting participants. This program provides the tools and skills to maximize engagement.


  • 90 Minute Live Seminar
  • Virtual Broadcast
Unlocks performance of those within a leader’s sphere of influence... READ MORE

If you can’t reach outside your comfort zone and not just about race or gender but any difference that prevents an organization from living up to its full potential, you can’t be an effective leader. The Evolved Leader program provides insight and direction on how to send leadership messages that unlock the performance of all those within a leader’s sphere of influence.


  • Individual Coaching
Examines the link between inclusion and innovation... READ MORE

This program identifies the link between inclusion and the ways it fosters innovation.

The experience focuses on the role inclusion plays to enable innovative behaviors and outcomes within work teams.

The goal is to recognize that there is a higher level of potential that reaches beyond fundamental workplace inclusion. Even when inclusion goals are optimized, there are unique ways to tap into the thinking process of each team member to achieve a higher level of innovation.


  • Live Seminar
  • eLearning

1 hour per Module
Interactive live session combining narrative, group discussion & group exercises

Bottom-line business case for workplace diversity and inclusion... READ MORE

Content is designed to demonstrate the reasons effective leadership cannot be accomplished without a focus on diversity and inclusion.


  • 2-hour Live Seminar
Best practices to accelerate effective strategies for diversity... READ MORE

Our Leadership & Diversity Best Practices program draws from Insight Education’s experience with more than 300 US and international Diversity and Inclusion organizations. The session also presents examples of failed programs and the practices, pitfalls and strategies to avoid.


  • 2-hour Live Seminar
Reverses the traditional model of mentor and protégé... READ MORE

The conventional model of mentoring has senior executives imparting their wisdom onto the less experienced employee in order to develop their understanding of the ways to navigate and succeed. Reverse mentoring reverses this traditional model having the senior executive become the protégé and junior employee, the mentor.

The junior employee is selected as the mentor based on their greater knowledge of what it is like to work within the organization as a women or under-represented ethnic or other group employee. In this unique model, each participant becomes one half of a dynamic partnership allowing the senior executive to expand his or her awareness of the unique challenges faced by various employee groups – something they are rarely exposed to at their level.

This program spans a twelve-month period and typically involves multiple pairs of mentoring teams.

The illusion of diversity-based hiring vs back door turnover... READ MORE

It is not unusual for annual new hire numbers to equal turnover statistics resulting in a ‘Zero Sum Gain’. It is a game that companies are constantly loosing. Elaborate initiatives are often mounted to improve ethnic and gender representation. New hires, and selected internal employees, are developed and promoted to improve representation at the higher levels.

Once a number of noteworthy placements are made, companies celebrate the achievement but soon after lament their turnover losses which, remarkably, often match or exceed the hiring gains.

The Zero Sum Gain Game program offers powerful solutions to shift employee representation gains to the plus column and stem the flow out the back door.

It turns focus away from stats toward developing manager skills that addresses employee turnover within the critical assimilation phase of the employment cycle.


  • 2-hour Live Seminar
MicroMessaging skills to develop executive leadership... READ MORE

These personalized sessions address methods for setting a collective vision, providing techniques to effectively conduct staff meetings, one-on-ones, and providing instruction for creating developmental stretch assignments.


  • Individual Coaching

The DNA Of Culture Change


Positive Outcomes

  • Establish the definitive link between diversity and leadership effectiveness.
  • Reveal the ways MicroMessages impair or enhance workplace performance.
  • Create a team culture that recognizes how differences lead to discovery.
  • Develop skills that change the ways we send messages that motivate and inspire performance.
  • Achieve a level of acceptance by senior leaders to embrace the concepts and act as change agents, modeling the prescribed behaviors.
  • Forge systemic acceptance and behavior change that drives diversity and inclusion at all levels.


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