Reverse Mentoring

Senior Leaders Become Protégés Mentored By Employees Who Have Greater Knowledge Of Being An Under-Represented Minority

Reverse Mentoring

Our Reverse Mentoring Program reverses the roles of the traditional mentoring model. In the conventional model, the senior executive imparts his or her wisdom onto the less experienced employee to develop their understanding and wisdom to accelerate personal success.

In Reverse Mentoring, the senior leaders become the protégés mentored by employees who, with this approach, are the ones with the greater knowledge and understanding of the unique experiences of being a woman or under represented minority in the company. In this unique model, each participant becomes one half of a dynamic partnership allowing for learning the perceptions and challenges that a diverse workforce can face, both personally and professionally.

The Reverse Mentoring program cultivates meaningful connections and relationships between people at significantly different levels of an organization It greatly raises an awareness of experiencing the company through someone else’s eyes and how this knowledge can enable us to motivate and inspire others.

Insight Education coordinates this program in a consulting relationship with designated company leaders over a period of 12 months.

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