Unconscious Bias & MicroMessaging™

Managing Unconscious Bias to Build Stronger, More Diverse and Inclusive Organizations

MicroMessaging: Managing Unconscious Bias™

There is great danger in focusing on Unconscious Bias instead of directing our attention to MicroInequities – because it is entirely through our MicroMessages that we can take specific action to fix it.

What Unconscious Bias looks like and why we behave poorly is simply not as valuable as building agreement and knowledge on how to affect the desired change.

MicroInequities have a powerful effect in establishing the ways we influence performance. These subtle manifestations of Unconscious Bias reveal far more about the true nature of a relationship than our words alone and become the mechanism by which we manage our Unconscious Bias.

To truly move the needle forward, the workplace must focus on managing the controllable elements that alter the impact of our Unconscious Biases; the MicroMessages, MicroInequities and MicroAdvantages we send.

Insight Education Systems’ seminar, MicroMessaging: Managing Unconscious Bias™, shifts the focus away from awareness and entirely on to the actionable side of the equation – the tangible and manageable components of Unconscious Bias.

Our approach identifies what has been present all along but invisible to our active awareness. It focuses on building the skills of MicroMessaging to drive change and provides the tools to sustain them.

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