Zero Sum Gain

Mazimize Employee Commitment, Loyalty and Retention

Zero Sum Gain

The Zero Sum Gain program addresses the illusion of making great strides in hiring on the front end, while the back door of turnover is left highly exposed. It is not unusual for annual new hire numbers to equal turnover statistics resulting in a “zero sum gain.”

Elaborate initiatives are often mounted to improve racial and gender representation. New hires and selected internal employees are developed and moved up to improve representation at the higher levels. Once a number of noteworthy placements are made, companies celebrate the achievement of their diversity intake but, soon after, lament their turnover which, remarkably, matches or even exceeds the gains.

The Zero Sum Gain program offers powerful solutions to shift employee representation gains to the plus column for all levels in an organization placing active focus on the critical assimilation and working phase of the employment process rather than the hiring and exit processes, alone.

This employment phase is the cornerstone upon which the work experience is defined and assessed by many of those who are different in the workplace. When these become an integrated part of a company’s diversity strategy it has a powerful impact on the experience of employees and how they view the work environment. Results are seen in commitment, loyalty, and retention. It is a surefire way to convert a string of zeros to an organization of diversity heroes.

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